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  • a-juicy-contradiction asked : Does Cali get jealous when you pet or talk to other dogs??

    shes been getting a bit jealous of my other dogs lately.. she will run and jump on them and sort of attack them if they come near me lol. i dont know what her problem is because shes the one who gets all the attention haha.. but at the park or anything shes fine with other dogs coming up to me but saying that, shes still always with me 

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  • cococained asked : my short hair chihuahua used to shed sooo much but then we shaved him and now he doesn't shed anymore haha x

    i know of a pug whose belly got shaved like 7 months ago and the hair still hasnt grown back so i dont want to risk having a bald pug forever lol 

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  • 44caliber-loveletter asked : Have just been looking at your pics of Cali... she's so adorable! Just wondering, where did you get her name tag from? 😊

    i got it on etsy! its so cool but its ended up all scratched :( 

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  • originalbabymama asked : Omg I have a question! So I too have a pug but she sheds soooo much! Like it's a pain! We can barely have her hangout around the house because she sheds so much! Does your pug shed a lot too!!?? and if yes, what do you do??

    yes, cali sheds soooooooooooooooooo much! this is pretty much a daily amount of hair that comes out of her… i use a furminator brush. its great! i brush cali for about 15 minutes and still dont get all the loose hair out but it get alot out! this would be all over the house otherwise! i suggest you either get one of these brushes or pay a groomer to blow out the coat. the problem with that is, youll end up with loose hair again within a few days.

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  • ssammohsworld asked : Hello Cali you are a very cute dog and I just want you to know that. Have a nice day.

    thank you :)))))

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  • feedback wanted

    would you guys be interested in a 2015 cali calender? thinking illustrations or photos? would anyone order one? please let me know! :) 

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