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  • tobleroneaffair asked : I have an olde English bulldog right now and he's like a brother. I really want to get a pug but I'm worried about it's health and how some pugs are so inbred that they have to be put down or put on special drugs. Is there anyway to know they difference of a well bred Pug as opposed to one that's really not? I love pugs they're so fucking adorable, I'll love him/her forEVER

    pugs have a lot of health problems even without being inbred… i guess theres no real way to tell. If you were to buy one maybe buy one with papers, then you would have proof of where mum and dad came from.
    or ask to view the parents, ask questions and if they seem suss then find another litter.
    youll find legit breeders will give you all the info you need and the paperwork to prove it 

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  • haunter-answers asked : I can't believe it. I looked it up. Pugtober Fest is a thing. I am so happy and want to go to one.

    if it were easy to take dogs overseas i would so be there!!

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  • darthneb asked : Here in Pennsylvania in my little town, Leechburg, we have Pugtober every year. I can't handle all the cute snorting!

    oh my godddd PUGTOBER? this that what i think it is? pugs getting drunk? lol jokes but that is so awseome! i go to pug meets with 20ish pugs but imagine an entire month pug meet!!!!!! 

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  • lookingforsomeonetoplay asked : I just got a pug a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love him but I am having some trouble training him :( he really likes biting everything and he does his business wherever he wants so I was wondering if you had any tips to train him? Thank you :) xx

    cali was the same.. let me tell you this…… its hard to toilet train pugs! it look cali almost 9 months to stop peeing and pooping where ever she wanted! you need to be persistent and dont get frustrated at him.. choose a word like “wee wees” and every time you take him out to the toilet say the word and when he does it say “good boy for doing wee wees” or something like that. and praise him, get really excited, pet him, and even give him a treat for doing “wee wees” and he will eventually pick up that when he does it in the right spot he gets rewarded. just a warning though, pugs cant control their bladder until about 5-6 months of age.. also with cali she had a bladder infection so be wary of things like that if hes picking up the training well but then goes backwards! 

    with training for tricks i just used to bribe cali with food. every time she sat or nearly sat i would reward her and said “sit”
    teaching her to hi5 was hard and long and i actually gave up and then one day out of the blue she just gave me a hi 5 and hasnt stopped since… so even if it seems hes not picking up training he most likely is but is being lazy lol
    id recommend puppy preschool of you are having that much trouble training him, they teach you all the techniques and how to train and give great advice 

    but my number 1 piece of advice would be to be persistent and just keep at it and praise praise praise! 


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  • mermaidsvvamp asked : hello!! this may be a bit late, but my pugs always were getting little red raised spots like that, and it was usually just some irritations from rubbing themselves on something (for my doggies it was the couch). another possibility is that its a pimple. pugs get skin tags and pimples a lot (as you know) so either way its nothing major!! just really make sure to clean it everyday so it doesnt get infected. hope that helps!!

    thanks!! im going to clean it every day and if it doesnt go down within a week or so ill take her to the vet just to the on the safe side 

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